Final Project-Portraits

here i am practicing a different angel as well. i have kaitlyn on my feet. my feet are under her shirt and i like how i can see the tree tops in the back ground.

i like this one too. this is one that i took at my brother's wedding. Kyle is sitting at the shore with my youngest daughter watching the ducks. i like that when i captured this i had in mind to get a duck in the corner. i also like how i was able to catch the reflection of the sunset off the water as well.

Final Project

i liked this picture...im not sure if it fits into the portrait idea...but i liked it because it adds a compliment to the pics i took of the guys in the woods. they use this tractor and i love it because it is a really old one. when i took this pic i wanted to make sure that i had the trail and some woods to accent the tractor.

i like this picture. i took this one in NY we went for a wedding. on our way back we stopped at a mcdonnalds with this excellent view in their back yard! as i went to get something for my car i saw this image. i really enjoyed it so i captured it.

logan hanging out. in this picture i wanted to get other angels. Logan dared to hang on a limb but i had to snap the shot quickly.

Here is the poser of the day...Kait. she said "hey why don't you take a picture of me on this rock." i thought it was perfect.

The look


Still shot dribble

finals from dave